Friday, August 23, 2013

I always wondered what I would be doing when I reach the age of twenty six. I realized that father time will always treat me right and most of the time, I won't know anything about anything if that makes any sense. I told my lovely grandma that I feel old but wise. She told me to get married soon and implied that I should start a family soon. She always had a hopeful mindset; I love her very much.

I ask myself, am I successful? The answer? Of course! Everything is happening perfectly and I wouldn't want to change anything about it. I am so happy about my twenty six birthday. Here are some highlights for your enjoyment.

I thank all my friends and family for this wonderful week. My birthday wouldn't be the same with all of them. Much love and respect.

Tuesday, August 13, 2013


Holy moly, it's been too long. This was the longest break I have ever taken from blogging, actually thats a lie. I am pretty sure I took longer breaks. Through the time away from home (meaning here) I have been collecting a lot of memories with my new Panasonic GX1, equipped with a 20 mm "pancake" lens. Yes, getting very technical here. I don't even know what half the stuff means. I literally just got it two months ago or so and I love it!

It's has taken me quite some time to think about what to post because my summer has been filled with nothing but weddings. I know most of you must have been frustrated with the lack of posts from me. So here I am and what I want to post about is my latest macaron adventure.

I always get so many "likes" on Facebook and Instagram (if you haven't subscribed or followed, please do so by clicking on the link above) for the macarons that I bake. No matter who you are or where you are from, I find that these little baked goods are always enticing.

After baking over a thousand of these babies, I noticed some important kitchen essentials you need to bake the perfect macaon.

You will need:

  • A silpat baking mat
  • Industrial cookie sheet 
  • Patience

The Silpat and industrial cookie sheet really does make a huge difference. It allowed me to bake the cookies for fifteen minutes!

The end result is what you see above and here is what is in the Pistachio Macaron with Pistachio Ganache:

115 g icing sugar
75 g grounded pistachio
2 large egg whites
50 g caster sugar
a pinch of cream of tar tar
a pinch of salt

Basically, you just replace the ground almonds with ground pistachio.

150 g 35% whipped cream
150 g white chocolate
25 g pistachio paste

Use the double boiler technique to melt the white chocolate. Set a side once done.
Bring the cream to a boil and mix in the paste.
Pour the chocolate over the whip cream mix. Use a hand blender and blend for 10 minutes.
Set in the fridge until the ganache thickens, roughly around 1.5 hours.
When ready, pipe the shells and you are done!

There you have it, short and sweet. Until next time!